FRIENDS FOR LIFE is a word-leading program, written by Dr. Paula Barrett.

  • proven to be effective in helping children and youth copy with feelings of fear, worry, anxiety and depression and build emotional resilience and self esteem
  • uses a simple format to teach important cognitive, behavioural and emotional skills, such as how to:
  • recognize signs of anxiety, positively manage emotions, use relaxation to calm down, use positive, helpful self-talk, change unhelpful to helpful thoughts, face fears or difficult situations or be a friend and build a support team
  • This interactive small group setting incorporates games, activities, discussions and role-plays offered to children aged 8-12).

FRIENDS is offered three times throughout a year; Fall and Winter/Spring are run Thursday evenings for 10 weeks.  Please call the office for the specific start date of our next program!

Fee: $10 per hour (12 hours)