The Better Emotional and Social Times (B.E.S.T) Social Skills Training Program was developed in 1993 in response to a need for elementary school age children to have explicit instruction in social skills. Children do not always react appropriately to what happens to and around them. Just as some children have difficulty reading language, they have difficulty reading and interpreting body language. This program teaches children through discussion, games, role playing and direct instruction in small groups to interact successfully with others. It teaches children how to fit in to social situations with proper actions and reactions.

The target group for this program is children with or suspect of having Learning Disabilities, including students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children requiring explicit instruction in understanding and interpreting body language and facial expression may also benefit from this program.

Topics may include: listening, dealing with anger, peer pressure, accepting consequences, ignoring distractions, cyber bullying, Anxiety, Depression, internet safety, coping strategies and more. By enhancing the child’s self esteem, the program strives to build socially able individuals from children who may be having a great deal of difficulty in their relationships. Children who learn proper social interaction experience better relationships and have a reduced risk of anti-social behaviour, juvenile delinquency or other psychological problems later in life.

Through the school year, this program is offered for 10 weeks, one night per week in the evening in the Fall (October - December) and Spring (March-May). During the summer, this program is offered for two weeks, 1.5 hours running through the day. Students are divided into younger and older groups based on their age. Skills are chosen according to the participant’s needs.

Registration is required and there is a fee for service. For more information or to register for our Social Skills program, call our office at 519-352-2024 or email us at

We work with the A.L.L. for Kids program which may help cover fees for this program. Visit for more information.