The Summer Tutoring Program offers three two-week sessions with morning and afternoon classes. The actual tutoring of subject material is mixed with activities that remove the drudgery of being in school during the vacations. Children who attend these sessions are able to return to school to their regular classes in September without having fallen behind by forgetting what was taught the previous year.

The Summer Social Skills program (BEST) is designed to provide continuity and reinforce social propriety in the relaxed atmosphere of the summer setting. This program teaches children through discussion, games, role playing and direct interaction and instruction in small groups to interact successfully with others. This program teaches children how to fit in to social situations with proper actions and reactions.

Friends for Life, is a world leading program proven to be effective in helping children and youth cope with feelings, worry, anxiety, and depression and build emotional resilience and self-esteem. The Friends program uses a simple format to teach important cognitive, behavioural, and emotional skills, such as: recognize signs of anxiety, positively manage emotions, use relaxation to calm down, become more mindful, use positive, helpful self-talk, change unhelpful to helpful thoughts, solve problems, face fears or difficult situations and to be a friend and build a support team. This interactive small group will involve games, activities, discussions and role-playing. Includes a take home activity book.

SOAR (SOme Assembly Required) is a transition planning program for students in grades 7-9. This program is designed to assist students with succeeding in school and making healthy choices for their future. SOAR helps students gain an understanding of their disability and how to use this information to enhance their own career planning. Topics discussed may include: how people learn, how a learning disability interferes with learning, how to break down school work into areas and how to approach each of these areas, preparing for the changes and choices that will come in high school, and discussion is held regarding IEPs and accommodations.

Registration is required and there is a fee for service. Contact the office for information by phone at 1-519-352-2024 or email at