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1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 Phelan, Thomas W., Ph.D. Adult

Academic Success Strategies for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and ADHD Minskoff, Esther & Allsop, David. Adult

ADD and the College Student: A Guide for High School and College Students with Attention Deficit Disorder Quinn, Patricia. Adult

ADD Hyperactivity Workbook for Parents, Teachers and Kids, The Parker, Harvey. Adult

ADHD 102 Practical Strategies for “Reducing the Deficit”, 2nd Edition Frank,Tim & Susan J. Smith-Rex. Adult

Administrator’s Guide to Whole Language, The Heald-Taylor, Gail. Adult

Adult Resource Handbook Ontario A.C.L.D. Adult

Advocating for Your Child with Learning Disabilities (2 copies) LDAC. Adult

Affirmation Web, The. A Believe in Yourself Adventure Lite, Lori Children

Aggression Replacement Training: A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth Goldstein, Arnold & Glick, Barry Adult

All Children are Exceptional: Learning as Connecting Kronick, Doreen Adult

All Kinds of Minds (includes cassettes) Levine, Melvin Children

Another Door to Learning: True Stories of Learning Disabled Children and Adults, and the Keys to Their Success Schwarz, Judy Adult

Answer is No!, The. Saying It and Sticking To It Whitham, Cynthia Adult

Answers To Distraction Hallowell, Edward & Ratey, John Adult

Any Child Can Read Better Wiener, Harvey Adult

Art of Successful Studying, The Levine, Myrna & Judith Montgomery Children

Art of Teaching Writing, The McCormick Calkins, Lucy Adult

Asperger’s Syndrome. A Guide for Parents and Professionals Tattooed, Tony Adult

Assessment of Learning Disabilities, The: Preschool Through Adulthood. A Collection of Articles
Silver, Larry Adult

Attention Deficit Disorder & Learning Disabilities: Realities, Myths & Controversial Treatments Ingersoll, Barbara & Sam Goldstein Adult

Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults - Practical Help for Sufferers and Their Spouses Weiss, Lynn Dr. Adult

Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults Workbook, The Weiss, Lynn Adult

Attention Deficit Disorder: What is it? Shaya, James & James Windell Adult

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Child in the Classroom, The: Strategies for the Regular Classroom Teacher Nadeau, Kathleen & Lucy Martin Adult

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Questions & Answers for Parents Greenburg & Horn Adult

Back Off Cool Down, Try Again - Teaching Students How to Control Aggressive Behaviour Rockwell, Sylvia Adult

Barrier Free Interviews and Competitions LDAC Adult

Battling the School-yard Bully Zarzour, Kim Adult

Be Fit Be Fun: A Study Unit Developing Peer Sensitization Through Recreation and Physical Activity (English & French) L.D.A. Canada Adult

Beyond Ritalin Garber, Garber & Spizman Adult

Blink, Blink, Clop, Clop: Why Do We Do Things We Can’t Stop? Moritz, E. Katia & Jennifer Jablonsky Children

Book of Matthew, The: The Story of a Learning Disabled Child (4 copies) Wylie, Betty Jane Adult

Boy and a Bear, A. The Children’s Relaxation Book Lite, Lori Children

Brain Gym: Simple Activities Dennison, Paul & Gail Dennison Adult

Bringing Literacy Within Reach: Identifying and Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities L.D.A. Canada Adult

Building Children’s Self Esteem: A Guide for Parents and Teachers (2 copies) Purser, Ellen Adult

Building Self-esteem in Children Berne, Patricia & Louis Savary Adult

Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain Romain, Trevor Children

Bully Proofing Your Child: A Parent’s Guide Garrity, Carla Adult

Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander, The Coloroso, Barbara Adult

Can Anyone Help My Child?: Therapies & Treatment for ADD & LD Ogan, Guy Adult

Childhood Speech, Language and Listening Problems - What Every Parent Should Know McAleer Hamaguchi, Patricia Adult

Children First: A Report of the ACCS Advis. Committee Children’s Services Adult

Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: At Home and in the Classroom Missiuna, Cheryl, Ph.D. Adult

College and the Highschool Student with Learning Disabilities: A student’s Perspective) Wren, Carol, Adelman, Pike, Wilson Adult

College Students with Learning Disabilities: A Student’s Perspective Wren, Carol Adult

Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook: Ready-to-use Strategies and Activities for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Harwell, Joan Adult

Coping with a Learning Disability Clayton & Morrison Children

Coping with Your Inattentive Child: A Practical Guide for Management (2 copies) Nichamin, Samuel & James Windell Adult

Crossover Children. A Sourcebook for Helping Children Who Are Gifted and Learning Disabled Bireley, Marlene Adult

Day-to-day Dyslexia in the Classroom Pollock, Joy & Waller, Elisabeth Adult

Deal Me In! — The Use of Playing Cards in Teaching and Learning Golick, Margie Adult

Delinquents on Delinquency Goldstein, Arnold Adult

Demonic Mnemonics 800 Spelling Tricks for 800 Tricky Words Suid, Murray Adult

Design for Success: An Employer’s Guide to Learning Disabilities L.D.A. Ontario Adult

Destination Literacy: Identifying and Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities Government of Ontario Adult

Developing Independent Readers: Strategy-oriented Reading Activities for Learners with Special Needs Waring, Cynthia Conway Adult

Developmental Variation and Learning Disorders Levine, Melvin Adult

Diagnosing Learning Disorders Pennington, Bruce Adult

Distant Drums, Different Drummers: A Guide for Young People with ADHD Ingersoll, Barbara Children

DLD Competencies for Teachers of Students with Learning Disabilities, The Council for Exceptional Children Adult

Do Bananas Chew Gum? Gilson, Jamie Children

Don’t Despair on Thursdays! The Children’s Grief-management Book Moser, Adolph Children

Don’t Feed the Monster on Tuesdays! The Children’s Self-esteem Book Moser, Adolph Children

Don’t Pop Your Cork on Mondays! The Children’s Anti-stress Book Moser, Adolph Children

Don’t Rant and Rave on Wednesdays! The Children’s Anger-control Book Moser, Adolph Children

Don’t-give-up Kid, The Gehret, Jeanne Children

Down and Dirty Guide to Adult ADD, The (also on cassette) Gordon, Michael & McClure, Daniel Adult

Dr. Larry Silver’s Advice to Parents on Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Silver, Larry Adult

Driven To Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood Hallowell, Edward & Ratey, John Adult

Dysgraphia: Why Johhny Can’t Write Cavey, Diane Walton Adult

Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties: The Facts Selikowitz, Mark Adult

Eagle Eyes: A Child’s View of Attention Deficit Disorder Gehret, Jeanne Children

Early Years Study Final Report McCain, Hon. Margaret Norrie; J. Fraser Mustard Adult

Educating the ADHD Child Dalton, Dalton-Jacob & Windell Adult

Education Rights of Exceptional Children in Canada Poirer, Goguen & Leslie Adult

Educational Care: A System for Understanding and Helping Children with Learning Problems at Home and in School Levine, Mel Adult

Educational Psychology. 4th ed. Woolfolk, Anita Adult

Effective Discipline: A Guide to Child Management for Parents (2 copies) Windell, James Adult

Emotion: The On/Off Switch for Learning Vail, Priscilla Adult

Eukee the Jumpy Jumpy Elephant Corman, Clifford & Esther Trevino Children

Exceptional Children - Oridinary Schools: Getting the Education You Want For Your Special Needs Child Forman, Norm Dr. Adult

Exploring Self-employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities Ministry of Education Adult

Explosive Child, The Greene, Ross W., Ph.D Adult

Facing ADHD Morris, Janet Adult

Facts About Learning Disabilities, The Almonte & Desmond Children

Faking it: A Look into the Mind of a Creative Learner Lee, Christopher & Rosemary Jackson Adult

Family Affair: Preparing Parents and Students with LD for Postsecondary School LDAC Adult

Fetal Alcohol Support and Information Centre: Adolescent Information Fetal Alcohol Support and Information Centre Adult

Fetal Alcohol Support and Information. General Information Fetal Alcohol Support & Information Centre Adult

Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Teens Hipp, Earl Children

First Aid for Tantrums Levinson, Katy Adult

First Star I See Caffrey, Jaye Andras Children

For you: Adults with Learning Disabilities (English & French) Smith, Cathy Adult

Frames of Mind: Theory of Multiple Intelligences Gardner, Howard Adult

Friends: A Social Skills/Recreational Program for Children Six to Twelve Years (English & French) (2 copies) L.D.A. Canada Adult

Games for Everyone: Explore the Dynamics of Movement, Communication, Problem Solving and Drama Booth, David Adult

Games for Math: Playful Ways to Help Your Child Learn Math Kaye, Peggy Adult

Games for Reading: Playful Ways to Help Your Child Read Kaye, Peggy Adult

Get Out of My Life … But First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?: A Parent’s Guide to the New Teenager Wolf, Anthony Adult

Gift of Dyslexia, The: Why Some of the Smartest People Can’t Read and How They Learn Davis, Ronald Adult

Gifted Kid’s Survival Guide - A Teen Handbook, The Galbraith, Judy & Jim Delisle Children

Gifted Kid’s Survival Guide, The: Ages 10 & under Galbraith, Judy & Jim Delisle Children

Good Friends are Hard to Find. Help Your Child Find, Make and Keep Friends Frankel, Fred Adult

Guide for Parents on Hyperactivity in Children, A (English & French) Minde, Klaus Adult

Guide to Basic “Special Needs” Advocacy, A Central Support Chatham Adult

Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tourette Syndrome The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada Adult

Guide to Understanding Learning and Behaviour Problems in Children, A: For Parents and Others L.D.A.C. Adult

Handbook for Teachers of Students with Learning DIsabilities Ministry of Education Adult

Happy Birthday, Jason Cutbill, Jean & Diane Rawsthorn Children

Hattie Pearl Click Click Hearn, Emily Children

Help Build a Brighter Future: Identification of Children at Risk for Learning Disabilities in Child Care Centres L.D.A. Canada Adult

Helping a Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorders or Asperger’s Syndrome: A Parent’s Guide Stewart, Kathryn Ph.D. Adult

Helping Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Find Success Shawn, David H. (Pediatrician) Adult

Helping Children Learn Mathematics Reys & Suydam & Lindquist Adult

Helping Children Overcome Learning Difficulties Rosner, Jerome Adult

Helping the Child Who Doesn’t Fit In - Nowicki & Duke - Adult

Helping Your Child Learn at School: How Parents Support Good Study Habits in the Home (2 copies) - Maloney, Raymond - Adult

How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up - Romain, Trevor - Children

How to Do Your Best on Tests - Dulaney, Sara - Children

How to Give Your Child a GREAT Self-image - Phillips, Debora & Fred Bernstein - Adult

How To Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies - Cohen-Posey, Kate - Children

How to Help Your Child With Homework - Radencich, Marguerite & Jeanne Schumm - Adult

How to Own and Operate an Attention Deficit Kid - Maxey, Debra - Adult

How to Raise Teenagers’ Self-esteem - Clemes & Bean & Clark - Adult

How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children - Rief, Sandra - Adult

How To Talk So Kids Can Learn - Faber, Adele & Elaine Mazlish - Adult

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk - Faber, Adele & Elaine Mazlish - Adult

Hurried Child, The: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon - Elkind, David - Adult

Hyperactive Child, Adolescent, and Adult, The: Attention Deficit Disorder Through the Lifespan - Wender, Paul - Adult

I Always Hated School - Making Sense of the Frustration - Johnston, Janet M. Ed. - Adult

I Am Not Dumb - Motiar, Ahmed - Children

I Can Do It Myself With Your Understanding: Practical Suggestions for Teachers and Parents to Encourage Self-direction - Pinkney, June - Adult

I Never Get ANYTHING” How to Keep Your Kids From Running Your Life - Phelan, Thomas W., Ph.D. - Adult

I Would if I Could: A Teenager’s Guide to ADHD - Gordon, Michael - Children

I’m Somebody Too - Gehret, Jeanne - Children

If They Can Do It, We Can Too! - Dinneen, Margo Holen & class - Children

If Your Child is Hyperactive, Inattentive, Impulsive, Distractible: Helping the ADD/ADHD Child - Garber & Garber & Spizman - Adult

In Their Own Way: Discovering and Encouraging Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences - Armstrong, Thomas - Adult

Individual Education Plans - Standards for Development, Program Planning and Implementation - Ministry of Education - Adult

Insist on Success - Hardy, Madeline - Adult

Introducing Learning DIsabilities to Postsecondary Educators: An In-service Training Program - Meighen Centre & L.D.A.C. - Adult

Is Your Child’s Brain Starving? Food not Drugs for Life and Learning - Lyon, Michael R., M.D - Adult

It’s All In Your Head: A Guide to Understanding Your Brain and Boosting Your Brain Power - Barrett, Susan L. - Adult

It’s Nobody’s Fault. New Hope and Help for Difficult Children - Koplewicz, Harold - Adult

It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend - Lavoie, Richard - Adult

Job Interview Tips for People with Learning Disabilities - Learning Disabilities Association of Canada - Adult

Jumpin’ Johnny GET BACK TO WORK!: A Child’s Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity (2 copies) - Gordon, Michael - Children

Keeping a Head in School: A Student’s Book About Learning Abilities and Learning Problems (Book and Tape) - Levine, Melvin - Children

Kevin’s Story: The Story of a Child with a Learning Disability - Levison, Dvora - Children

Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child - Manassis, Katharina - Adult

Kids Are Worth It! Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline - Coloroso, Barbara - Adult

Kids Stress - Witkin, Georgia - Adult

Laughter, Love & Limits: Parenting for Life - Mamen, Maggie, Dr. - Adult

Learning a Living - Olivier, Carolyn & Bwoler, Rosemary - Adult

Learning All the Time: How Small Children Begin to Read, Write, Count, and Investigate the World Without Being Taught - Holt, John - Adult

Learning Difficulties and Emotional Problems. A Book of Articles - Brown, Roy & Chazan, Maurice - Adult

Learning Disabilities and the Workplace - L.D.A. Canada - Adult

Learning Disabilities HelpĀ (2 copies) - VanLoon, Jon - Adult

Learning Disabilities Camp Directors’ Guide on Integration: Guidelines for Directors of Non-specialized Camps on Integrating Children with Learning Disabilities into their Camps (French & English) - Kronick, Doreen - Adult

Learning Disabilities in the Classroom: Handbook for Postsecondary Instructors - Meighen Centre & L.D.A.C. - Adult

Learning Disabilities: A Family Affair - Osman, Betty - Adult

Learning Disabilities: A to Z a Parent’s Complete Guide to Learning Disabilities From Preschool to Adulthood - Smith, Corinne & Lisa Strick - Adult

Learning Disabilities: Best Practice and Innovations - Ontario Literacy Coalition - Adult

Learning Disabilities: Guide for Directors of Specialized Camps - Kronick, Doreen - Adult

Learning Disabilities: Parents’ Guide to Camping - Kronick, Doreen - Adult

Learning Disorders - Harris, Jacqueline - Children

Learning Problems: A Cognitive Approach - Kirby, John & Noel Williams - Adult

Learning Strategies for Adults: Compensations for Learning Disabilities (3 copies) - Crux, Sandra - Adult

Learning to Learn - Oliver, Carolyn & Rosemary F. Bowler - Adult

Learning to Listen. A Central Auditory Processing Handbook for Parents and Teachers - Whitehead, R.N. - Adult

Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention - Nadeau & Dixon - Children

Liking Myself - Palmer, Pat - Children

Links in Learning: A Manual Linking Second Language Learning, Literacy and Learning Disabilities - Hatt, Pat & Eva Nichols - Adult

Listen & Recall: Memory Strategies for Adolescence and Adults - Van der Laan, Carrie - Adult

Listening: The Basic Connection - Micallef, Mary - Adult

Literacy and Learning Disabilities: A Handbook for Literacy Workers - Karassik, June - Adult

Literacy Demonstrations Accommodations For Adults with Learning Disabilities Balancing Accommodation with Skills Integrity - Hatt, Patt & LDAO - Adult

Living with a Learning Disability: A Handbook for High School and College Students (2 copies) - Griggs, Mary Jo - Adult

Lonely, Sad and Angry. A Parent’s Guide to Depression in Children and Adolescents (2 copies) - Ingersoll & Goldstein - Adult

Magic of Encouragement, The: Nurturing Your Child’s Self-esteem - Marston, Stephanie - Adult

Making Good Choices for You and Your Baby - Poley, Alexandra - Adult

Making the Words Stand Still: A Master Teacher Tells How to Overcome Specific Learning Disability, Dyslexia, and Old-fashioned Word Blindness - Lyman, Donald - Adult

Manipulating Parents: Tactics Used by Children of All Ages and Ways Parents Can Turn the Tables - Robinson, Paul - Adult

Many Ways to Learn. Young People’s Guide to Learning Disabilities - Stern, Judith & Uzi Ben-Ami - Children

Marching to Different Drummers, 2nd edition - Burke Guild, Pat & Stephan Garger - Adult

Maybe You Know My Kid: A Parents’ Guide to Identifying, Understanding and Helping Your Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Fowler, Mary Cahill - Adult

Me and Einstein: Breaking Through the Reading Barrier - Blue, Rose - Children

Medications for Attention Disorders (ADHD/ADD) and Related Medical Problems - Copeland, Edna - Adult

Mind at a Time, A - Levine, Mel, M.D. - Adult

Missing Parts of Whole Language, The - Truch, Steve - Adult

Misunderstood Child, The: A Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities - Silver, Larry - Adult

Mouse, the Monster and Me, The - Palmer, Pat - Children

My Brother’s a World-class Pain: A Sibling’s Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity - Gordon, Michael - Children

My Name is Brain (Brian) - Betancourt, Jeanne - Children

Myth of Laziness, The - Levine, Mel - Adult

Myth of the A.D.D. Child, The - Armstrong, Thomas, Ph.D - Adult

New TA for Kids, The: Powerful Techniques for Developing Self-esteem - Freed, Alvyn & Margaret Freed - Adult

No Easy Answers — The Learning Disabled Child at Home and at School (2 copies) - Smith, Sally - Adult

No One to Play With: The Social Side of Learning Disabilities - Osman, Betty - Adult

Nobody’s Perfect: An Employer’s Introduction to Learning Disabilities (2 copies) - L.D.A. Ontario - Adult

Nonverbal LD: The Syndrome and the Model - Rourke, Byron - Adult

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and their Clinical Subtypes: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management - Mamen, Maggie - Adult

Normal Children Have Problems Too: How Parents Can Understand and Help - Turecki, Stanley - Adult

On Being LD: Perspectives and Strategies of Young Adults - Murphy, Stephen - Adult

Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 to 12 Course Descriptions and Prerequisites, The - Ministry of Education - Adult

Ontario Secondary Schools Grades 9 to 12 Program and Diploma Requirements 1999 - Ministry of Education - Adult

Ontario Student Record (OSR) Guideline - Ministry of Education - Adult

Otto Learns About His Medicine: A Story About Medication for Hyperactive Children (3 copies) - Galvin, Matthew - Children

Out-of-Sync Child, The - Kranowitz, Carol Stock, M.A. - Adult

Overcoming Dyslexia - A New and Complete Science-Based Program For Reading Problems At Any Level - Shaywitz, Sally M.D. - Adult

Painful Passages: Working with Children with Learning Disabilities - Dane, Elizabeth - Adult

Parent Advantage, The - Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Alberta - Adult

Parent’s Guide to Attention Deficit Disorders, A - Bain, Lisa - Adult

Parent’s Guide to Childhood and Adolescent Depression, A - Shapiro, Patricia Gottlieb - Adult

Parent’s Guide to Learning Disabilities. Helping Your LD Child Succeed at Home and School - McCarney, Stephen & Angela Bauer - Adult

Parent’s Guide, A: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children. 2nd Edition - Goldstein, Sam - Adult

Parent’s Guide, A: Language and Behaviour Problems in Children - Goldstein, Sam & Paige Henerman - Adult

Parent’s Guide, The: Solutions to Today’s Most Common Behaviour Problems in the Home - McCarney, Stephen & Angela Bauer - Adult

Parenting Challenge, The: Your Child’s Behaviour From 6 to 12 - Rincover, Arnold - Adult

Parents Are Teachers - Becker, Wesley - Adult

Parents in Partnership - Smith, Cathy - Adult

Parents’ Guide to Learning Problems, A - Golick, Margie - Adult

Planning Instruction for Adult Learners - Cranton, Patricia - Adult

Please, Listen to Me! Your Guide to Understanding Teenagers and Suicide - Crook, Marion - Adult

Policy/program Memorandum (2 copies) - Ministry of Education - Adult

Post-Secondary Guide to Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, The - Herriot, Carol - Adult

Predicting and Preventing Early School Failure. Classroom Activities for the Preschool Child - Simner, Marvin - Adult

Prepare Curriculum, The: Teaching Prosocial Competencies - Goldstein, Arnold - Adult

Preserving Special Education … For Those Who Need It - Lieberman, Laurence - Adult

Preventing Special Education…For Those Who Don’t Need It - Lieberman, Laurence - Adult

Probably Still Nick Swansen - Wolff, Virginia Euwer - Children

Project Support: The Utilization of High School Students as Volunteers in Special Education - Pisarchick, Sally - Adult

Putting On the Brakes: Young People’s Guide to Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (2 copies) - Quinn, Patricia & Judith Stern - Children

Raising Your Spirited Child - Kurcinka, Mary S. - Adult

Reading by the Colors: Overcoming Dyslexia and Other Reading Disabilities Through the Irlen Method (2 copies) - Irlen, Helen - Adult

Reading Process & Practice: From Socio-psycholinguistics to Whole Language - Weaver, Constance - Adult

Reading, Writing, and Rummy - Golick, Margie - Adult

Ready To Use Learning Disabilities Activities Kit - Harwell, Joan - Adult

Refusal Skills: Preventing Drug Use in Adolescents - Goldstein, A. & Reagles & Amann - Adult

Regina’s Big Mistake - Moss, Marissa - Children

Ryan: A Mother’s Story of Her Hyperactive/Tourette Syndrome Child - Hughes, Susan - Adult

Scattered Minds - Mate, Gabor, M.D. - Adult

School Strategies for ADD Teens: Guidelines for Schools, Parents & Students - Nadeau & Dixon & Biggs - Children

School Survival Guide for Kids with LD, The: Ways to Make Learning Easier and More Fun - Cummings, Rhoda & Gary Fisher - Children

Secrets for Success: Profiles of University Graduates with Learning Disabilities - York University - Adult

Secrets of Discipline for Parents and Teachers (2 copies) - Morrish, Ronald G. - Adult

Self-esteem Companion, The - Mckay, Matthew; Patrick Fanning, Carol Honeychurch, Catherine Sutker - Adult

Self-esteem Revolutions in Children. Understanding and Managing the Critical Transitions in Your Child’s Life - Phelan, Thomas - Adult

Semantic Organizers: A Study Strategy for Special Needs Learners - Pehrsson, Robert & Peter Denner - Adult

Shadow Syndromes - Ratey, John & Catherine Johnson - Adult

Sharing the Secrets: Teach Your Child To Spell - Scott, Ruth & Sharon Siamon - Adult

Shelley, The Hyperactive Turtle - Moss, Deborah - Children

Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You - DeClements, Barthe - Children

Skill-streaming in Early Childhood (PROGRAM FORMS): Teaching Prosocial Skills to the Preschool and Kindergarten Child - McGinnis, Ellen & Arnold Goldstein - Adult

Skill-streaming the Elementary School Child (PROGRAM FORMS): A Guide for Teaching Prosocial Skills - McGinnis, Ellen & Arnold Goldstein - Adult

Skills for Success: A Guidebook for Organizing and Teaching a Skills Program for Students Making the Transition From Intermediate to Secondary School Levels - Lazin, Sharlene - Adult

Slam Dunk: A Young Boy’s Struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder - Parker, Roberta - Children

Smart But Feeling Dumb: A Breakthrough Theory on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyslexia — and How it May Help You and Your Child - Levinson, Harold - Adult

Smart Kids with School Problems: Things to Know & Ways to Help - Vail, Priscilla - Adult

Smart Learning: A Study Skills Guide for Teens - Christen, William & Thomas Murphy - Children

Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head - Hannaford, Carla - Adult

Smiling at Yourself: Educating Young Children About Stress and Self-esteem - Mendler, Allen - Adult

SOAR HS - Some Assembly Required: High School - Clayton, Jeff (LDAO) - Adult

Sometimes I Drive My Mom Crazy, But I Know She’s Crazy About Me: A Self-esteem Book for ADHD Children - Shapiro, Lawrence - Children

Source for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, The - Richards, Regina G. - Adult

Source for Executive Function Disorders, The - Keeley, Susanne Phillips - Adult

Source for Learning & Memory Strategies, The - Richards, Regina - Adult

Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders, The (2 copies) - Thompson, Sue - Adult

Source for Processing Disorders, The (2 copies) - Richards, Gail - Adult

Source for Visual-Spatial Disorders, The - Neff, Britt, Julie Neff-Lippman, Carol Stockdale - Adult

Speak for Yourself: Interviews with Students with Disabilities - University of Toronto - Adult

Special Education in Ontario schools: A Reference and Resource Book - Weber, Ken - Adult

Special Educator’s Guide … to Regular Education - Lieberman, Laurence - Adult

Spelling for Parents - Phenix, Jo & Doreen Scott-Dunne - Adult

Stick Up for Yourself!: Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-esteem - Kaufman, Gershen & Lev Raphael - Children

Still Putting the Pieces Together: A Parent’s Guide to Special Education in Ontario (3 copies) - L.D.A. Ontario - Adult

Straight Talk About Anger - Dentemaro, Christine & Rachel Kranz - Adult

Strategies: A practical Guide for Dealing with Professionals and Human Service Systems (2 copies) - Shields, Craig - Adult

Stress Can Really Get On Your Nerves! - Romain, Trevor & Elizabeth Verdick - Children

Succeeding Against the Odds - Smith, Sally - Adult

Succeeding with LD - Lauren, Jill - Children

Supporting and Sharing - Best Practices in Learning Disabilities (2 copies) - Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Ontario - Adult

Survival Guide for College Students with ADD or LD - Nadeau, Kathleen - Adult

Survival Guide for Kids with LD* (*Learning Differences), The - Fisher, Gary & Rhoda Cummings - Children

Survival Guide for Teenagers with LD, The - Cummings, Rhoda & Gary Fisher - Children

Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13 to 18 Year Olds - Phelan, Thomas - Adult

Taking ADD to School: A Story About Attention Deficit Disorder - Weiner, Ellen - Children

Taking Aim: Job Search Strategies for People with Disabilities - Ministry of Labour - Adult

Taking Dyslexia to School - Moynihan, Lauren - Children

Target Literacy: A Learning Disability Resource Guide (3 copies) - L.D.A. Ontario - Adult

Teacher’s Guide to Behavioral Interventions: Intervention Strategies for Behavior Problems in the Educational Environment - Wunderlich, Kathy Cummins - Adult

Teacher’s Guide, A: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children - Goldstein, Sam - Adult

Teaching & Learning Styles: Celebrating Differences - Huff & Snider & Stephenson - Adult

Teaching Children About Learning Disabilities - Caplan, Paula - Adult

Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age - Universal Design For Learning - Rose, David & Meyer, Anne - Adult

Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom: Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use to Challenge and Motivate Struggling Students - Winebrenner, Susan - Adult

Teaching Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities - Bley, Nancy & Carol Thornton - Adult

Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities: Strategies for Success - Waldron, Karen - Adult

Teaching The Tiger - Dornbush, Marilyn - Adult

Teaching Your Child the Language of Social Success - Duke, Marshal P.; Stephan Nowicki, Elisabeth A. Martin - Adult

Teen Esteem: A Self-directional Manual for Young Adults - Palmer, Pat & Melissa Froehner - Children

Teen Suicide: A Guide to Understanding Adolescents Who Take Their Own Life - Jones, James Allen - Adult

Teenagers With ADD: A Parent’s Guide - Dendy, Chris - Adult

Tell Me Another: Storytelling and Reading Aloud at Home, at School and in the Community - Barton, Bob - Adult

Testing and Your Child: What You Should Know About 150 of the Most Common Medical, Educational and Psychological Tests - McCullough, Virginia - Adult

Thank You Mr. Falker - Polacco, Patricia - Children

Through The Cracks - Sollman, Emmons & Paolini - Children

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled: From Identification to Practical Intervention Strategies - Baum, Owen & Dixon - Adult

To Dream A Different Dream - Grimminck, Robert P. - Adult

Together for Success: A Road Map for Post-secondary Students with Learning Disabilities - L.D.A. Canada - Adult

Tools for Transitions: A Counsellor’s Guide to Learning Disabilities - L.D.A. Ontario - Adult

Total Concentration: How to Understand Attention Deficit Disorders with Treatment Guidelines for You and Your Doctor - Levinson, Harold - Adult

Toward Productive Living (English & French) (3 copies) - Kronick, Doreen - Adult

Trouble With School - A Family Story About LD - Boesel Dunn, Kathryn and Allison - Children

Tuned-in, Turned-on Book, The: About Learning Problems (2 copies) - Hayes, Marnell - Children

Understanding L.D.: A Curriculum to Promote LD Awareness, Self-esteem and Coping Skills in Students Ages 8-13 - McMurchie, Susan - Adult

Understanding the IPRC Process: A Parent Guide (3 copies) - Lambton Kent District School Board - Adult

Understanding Tourette Syndrome: A Handbook for Families - The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada - Adult

Understanding Your Teenager’s Depression: Issues, Insights and Practical Guidance for Parents - McCoy, Kathleen - Adult

Unicorns Are Real: A Right-brained Approach to Learning - Meister Vitale, Barbara - Adult

Universal Design For Learning - A Guide for Teachers and Educational Professionals - Council for Exceptional Children - Adult

Unlocking Your Child’s Learning Potential: How to Equip Kids to Succeed in School & Life - Fuller, Cheri - Adult

Upside-down Kids, The: Helping Children Understand Themselves and Their Disorder - Levinson, Harold & Addie Sanders - Children

Voices From Fatherhood. Fathers, Sons and ADHD - Kilcarr, Patrick & Patricia Quinn - Adult

What Do You Mean I Have a Learning Disability? - Dwyer, Kathleen - Children

What Kids Need to Succeed. Proven, Practical Ways to Raise Good Kids - Benson, Peter & Judy Galbraith & Pamela Espeland - Adult

When Grownups Drive You Crazy - LeShan, Edna - Children

When Nothing Matters Anymore - Cobain, Bev - Children

When You Worry About the Child You Love. A Reassuring Guide to Solving Your Child’s Emotional and Learning Problems - Hallowell, Edward - Adult

When Your Child has LD: A Survival Guide for Parents - Fisher, Gary & Rhoda Cummings - Adult

Whole Language Strategies for ESL Primary Students - Heald-Taylor, Gail - Adult

Why Can’t I Pay Attention? - Shawn, David & Shawn, Ilana - Children

Why Is My Child Having Trouble at School? A Parent’s Guide to Learning Disabilities - Novick, Barbara & Maureen Arnold - Adult

Why Johnny Can’t Concentrate: Coping with Attention Deficit Problems - Moss, Robert - Adult

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